• Save money on water
  • Save time gardening
  • Enjoy a green lawn year round
  • UV treated to protect against fading from the sun
  • Manufactured to Australian and International standards
  • 7 year warranty
  • Industry best stich density
  • Multi tone, Dutch-made yarn

Our Story

As one of the first suppliers of artificial turf to the West Australian market we have more experience and knowledge than those "here today, gone tomorrow" types that have exploded onto the market in recent years. We have a long history of bringing innovative and superior products to the people of WA, with over 100,000m2 of turf installed and thousands of satisfied customers. We stand behind the quality of all our products with a full warranty and manufacture them to meet strict International Standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it meet Australian standards?

Yes. Our turf is manufactured to international standards, exceeding those of Australia, and is certified, licensed and recommended by FIFA.

What maintenance is required?

The turf is virtually maintenance free. We would simply recommend clearing it of leaves and debris as needed.

What if my pet relieves itself on the turf?

If your pet has a favourite spot, we would recommend hosing this area down and occasionally cleaning with antiseptic wash to keep it from retaining any smell.

Is DIY installation possible?

We would recommend hiring professional installers for all but very small jobs. The grass is very heavy and difficult to work.

Furthermore you may void your warranty through incorrect installation.

What is the warranty?

All of our grass comes with a manufacturer direct warranty that covers the UV protection as well. However, past installations have proven that with proper care, installation and maintenance you can easily expect to enjoy your grass for up to 20 years.

What is the stitch rate for your turf?

Our Classic and Premium Soft range turfs have an 18,900/sqm stitch rate. This puts it at the absolute top of the range in terms of stitch rate and ensures a soft, comfortable feel underfoot.

Does the turf look real?

Our Classic and Premium Soft turfs, aside from the fact that they will be looking beautiful while your neighbour's lawn slowly dies, are meant to be as lifelike as possible. They even contain small curly yellow strands of stitching to simulate the "dead bits" that are caused by the natural growth cycle of real grass.


  Putting 12mm Pro Putting 18mm Classic 25mm Premium Soft 36mm
Yarn Count 6000 DTEX 6000 DTEX 11000 DTEX 11000 DTEX
Pile Height 12 mm 18 mm 25 mm 36 mm
Turf Guage 5/32 inch 5/32 inch 3/8 inch 3/8 inch
Density 72500/m2 60500/m2 18900/m2 18900/m2
Roll Length 25 LM 25 LM 30 LM 30 LM
Roll Width 4 m 4 m 3.7 m 3.7 m


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